Proust Questionnaire

What do you think of the famous questions dating back to 19th century Salons of Paris,  later given the name of the Proust Questionnaire? Marcel Proust, the great author of  the 7-volume life-long work "In Search of Lost Time" had answered similar questions twice, however without any part in their invention or wording.  I sit, thinking,… Continue reading Proust Questionnaire

P.S. (Personal Postscriptum on Literature)

Joseph Brodsky “In Praise of Boredom” – a Postscriptum

"Life is worth living, even in a prison cell," wrote Artur Rubinstein.I never quite knew what he meant, until Joseph Brodsky's essay In Praise of Boredom fatefully fell on my shelf. That sentence had always caused conflicting emotions in me. While believing in its completely unhypocritical intent, it had always escaped me how that motto is possible… Continue reading Joseph Brodsky “In Praise of Boredom” – a Postscriptum