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A Letter in a (Champagne) Bottle

                                                       To I.F. Have you ever heard them say, that every seven years or so, we are no longer what we used to be? Apparently, some new cells are… Continue reading A Letter in a (Champagne) Bottle


Poetry as thought

It has become very popular these days to "let go of thought".  But I love silence and I love to think.These two had never asked me to choose between them. Poetry is simply my journal of thought. Here is today's entry.  Thou Art A broken flower of the world shoved in a glass jar on… Continue reading Poetry as thought


In memoriam J.B.

Nothing ever dies And no one is more alive, Than your severe and ironic rhymes. In blind man's darkness I seek my tunnel reddened by distant lights; I don't see the righteous Neither do I look behind. What can I do but advance, Given no light, though gifted a guide. A guide who took me… Continue reading In memoriam J.B.