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My essay in Adelaide Literary Magazine

What are the roots of the word "culture",  why has it been so mistreated in our time, what's the link with Time and love, and what does the definition really represent, today? Read various (provocative) thoughts, in my essay "The Pains and Prize of Remembering Time", now available in the November issue of  Adelaide Literary Magazine.… Continue reading My essay in Adelaide Literary Magazine

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The Age of Emotional Innocence

How  does a young human being go about learning of its inner self? In this era of the new "great depression," seeking answers too often resembles standing in front of a shattered mirror with a pile of fractured and broken pieces and no reflection. Whilst outside booms the 21 century. Seeing no reflection, one just… Continue reading The Age of Emotional Innocence

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Exclusivity Excludes Peace?

78 years ago, on the verge of a world catastrophe, a famous poet sat down and wrote: "We must love one another or die" ...and not being able to come to terms with these 7 words, erased 100 lines from his collected works.  To the modern ear this sounds on the brink of too much… Continue reading Exclusivity Excludes Peace?