Air condensed into fog, folding its wings for one to fly up stairs of cloud. To the left and right, hydrangeas blossomed out of snow, relating what they held mute through winter. Where stars burned, vapors parted gently and drank in the signals in silence. Evanescence held a veil over speech in these mists. One's… Continue reading Impromptu

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A Letter in a (Champagne) Bottle

                                                       To I.F. Have you ever heard them say, that every seven years or so, we are no longer what we used to be? Apparently, some new cells are… Continue reading A Letter in a (Champagne) Bottle


Poetry as thought

It has become very popular these days to "let go of thought".  But I love silence and I love to think.These two had never asked me to choose between them. Poetry is simply my journal of thought. Here is today's entry.  Thou Art A broken flower of the world shoved in a glass jar on… Continue reading Poetry as thought


Black Holes

A long traveler with poor sight, I stroll across a street lined with sharp eyes. Twinklers with no birth dates, their gaze pins me down from heights of great pillars unsplashed by the common sea. Some strange and proud, still others so sweet, eyes lovely; these would gladly make me forget the lies, emptiness, worm-holes… Continue reading Black Holes


In memoriam J.B.

Nothing ever dies And no one is more alive, Than your severe and ironic rhymes. In blind man's darkness I seek my tunnel reddened by distant lights; I don't see the righteous Neither do I look behind. What can I do but advance, Given no light, though gifted a guide. A guide who took me… Continue reading In memoriam J.B.

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  This evening I feel myself one of the millions trying to reconcile their dreams with a blank page. The real surprise grown- ups face every year, this is it: a book crammed with multiple genres that opens one page a day. The main catch is that no one promised the surprise to be a… Continue reading Reconciliation

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Music Outside of Caste

As a performing classical musician,  I've often wondered - is the lack of our listeners a problem of the post-iron age, or that of parenting, or its' larger unit- society, or is it insensitivity all around that's killing us, or maybe - wait! Let's  for a moment stop putting the blame on everyone (this illness of… Continue reading Music Outside of Caste


The “Look Up Experiment”: Kids So Obliviously Lost in Their iPads, Their Families Were Swapped at Dinner Without Them Noticing

Exactly what I’ve been thinking about for the last few years. Let’s remember how much easier life used to be -what, 5 years ago?
My friends’ 2 year olds can’t live without I phones and tablets- what’s next? However horrible that sounds, either a generation of terminators, or WW3.

An Outsider's Sojourn II

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com

The following video takes an almost comical approach to this subject, but there is not one thing I find amusing about this subject.

We are raising up generation after generation of illiterate, culturally/artistically dead nincompoops who cannot carry on an intelligent conversation (or intelligent anything) with another human being, and by conversation, I do not mean abbreviated text-messaging with two thumbs:

The “Look Up Experiment”: Kids So Obliviously Lost in Their iPads, Their Families Were Swapped at Dinner Without Them Noticing


Wow. This says a lot about the Brave New World we are steadily marching into these days.

This “experiment” is an ad for the yet-to-be-released Dolmio Pepper Hacker, a sneaky gadget that looks like a harmless pepper grinder but actually cuts the WIFI signals at the dinner table so parents can bring their tech addicted children…

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Proust Questionnaire

What do you think of the famous questions dating back to 19th century Salons of Paris,  later given the name of the Proust Questionnaire? Marcel Proust, the great author of  the 7-volume life-long work "In Search of Lost Time" had answered similar questions twice, however without any part in their invention or wording.  I sit, thinking,… Continue reading Proust Questionnaire