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  This evening I feel myself one of the millions trying to reconcile their dreams with a blank page. The real surprise grown- ups face every year, this is it: a book crammed with multiple genres that opens one page a day. The main catch is that no one promised the surprise to be a… Continue reading Reconciliation

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Of Santa, Kids, and Astrophysics

"Santa exists, but he definitely doesn't bring presents!"  - I was all of a sudden struck by the philosophical repercussions from this remark of an 11 year-old student of mine. What a way to rephrase the eternal grown-up complaint of existence! And then, suddenly, in a typically adult postscriptum of self-doubt: "He exists, doesn't he?"… Continue reading Of Santa, Kids, and Astrophysics

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The Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago today, I made my way home across 8000 km of sky, land, and ocean. I'd been away for 12 years. I sat suspended, tasting the feel of Time on my lips, looking down at retreating lands veiling a future being minutely drawn over with dense cloud coverage. I was but a somnambulist… Continue reading The Fifth Anniversary

Travel and Life Journals

Flesh of a shadow. 1

1. From a distant memory there appeared to me a vision of two paths. As if there had never before been a question of going on, going upward - only to the left or right of a wide, often besanded, open main road - paths which later had come to remind me of the two ways of Proust's childhood. Burning and exhausting in the midday sun, the right, leading into and through a golden field aflame ,into the cool shades of… Continue reading Flesh of a shadow. 1