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This evening I feel myself one of the millions trying to reconcile their dreams with a blank page. The real surprise grown- ups face every year, this is it: a book crammed with multiple genres that opens one page a day. The main catch is that no one promised the surprise to be a present. Also, no one has included a table of contents. And no one, ever, in the whole course of the world’s existence,  has been able to take a peek at the next chapter.

What a nice surprise, right? Not to mention each page 365/366 ends on the same December 31st with a thoughtful “to be continued”, and next day we are handed a blank volume – the next installment. That’s the day that makes our heads turn with a double load of ideas,  plans, etc.

The blankness of that book is very inspiring for ideas. We write them down in all sorts of other books – but the book takes those and rewrites the story, at times the plot. Adding things we would’ve never dared imagine or mercilessly ripping out pages, sometimes  whole weeks and months from our careful agendas.

Not to mention the book is a living one and we feel it’s pain.

I will not write any to-do list, however tempting that sounds. (I’ve given up my belief in plans the day I ate my New Year chocolate calendar 20 years ago in a week, instead of the supposed 30 days.) However, today, as any day, all I know is that the order of things is not up to us to change. And really, given the choice,  would we prefer to have skipped all of our obligatory reading of that book – or better, given its unbound load of pages, do you believe we could have ever given them order alone?


Let’s hope for more happy pages and chapters this year, dear friends!

Happy 2017.


4 thoughts on “Reconciliation”

  1. For myself, the year finishes with the opening of the last seed-pods from my garden. All the plants from the summer will have died, and thus it is a genuine end of year. My year starts with the planting of winter onions and garlic, and a little later, of winter hardy beans.

    January the first was an administrative measure from the Romans.

    PS I don’t get email updates from WordPress, which is a pain. They say they do, but what an American says isn’t always what they’ll do…

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